Valued customer becomes one of only 10 owners of the LC Structural Blue Special-Edition

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Valued customer becomes one of only 10 owners of the LC Structural Blue Special-Edition

Lexus Hatfield customer of 8 years, Grahame Harding, recently collected his LC Structural Blue Special-Edition from Lexus Hatfield. This special-edition sports coupe is only available in strictly limited numbers, meaning Mr Harding is one of only 10 owners in the UK.

Mr Harding moved across to the Lexus brand after a recommendation from a friend in 2010 and since then has referred his own friends and family who are now also valued customers of Lexus Hatfield. In his eight years with the brand he has also owned LS and GS models.

Structural Blue
The special-edition LC 500 is called Structural Blue but it’s much more than simply a new choice on a colour chart. It’s the result of Lexus’ painstaking research into how advanced technology can produce a finish that is deeper, more lustrous and, essentially, more ‘blue’ than anything ever seen before.

Inspired by nature
In its intensive search to create the new colour, the team drew inspiration from the Morpho butterfly. Native to North and South America, this insect is renowned for the deep, shimmering blue of its wings. However, the wings are actually colourless. The blue seen by the human eye is created by light interference on the microscopic lattice surface structure of the Morpho butterfly’s wings.

Replicating this effect led the team to combine an entirely new kind of multi-layered pigment that experiments with the basic principles of the way light interacts with our eyes. Now it has been developed for production the result is breath-taking, adding extra elements of exclusivity and hand-finished quality to Lexus’ sensuously designed coupé.

Luxury customer service
Mr Harding was presented with a special gift at handover; a framed Morpho Butterfly, the very creature that inspired the special-edition car. The gift was the idea of Sales Specialist Michelle who has looked after Mr Harding since his first visit to Lexus Hatfield 8 years ago. 

The handover took place in Lexus Hatfield’s new state-of-the art handover suite, where seemingly opaque glass turns transparent at the touch of a button to reveal the car. You can see the big reveal here:

Mr Harding added: “I’ve visited many car dealerships and purchased many cars over past decades, none of these dealerships have come close to the service and attention you receive at Lexus Hatfield.” “From a customer’s perspective, when you walk into Lexus Hatfield you are made to feel so special, making each visit a memorable occasion.”